Vulcan, or "Volkein" is Ray's armor and was built by his late wife Shino who was killed by the Claw Man. It is armed with a long-range rifle, a strong handgun that is fired by connecting a pressurized hose to the power source, a gatling gun, and missiles from its back. In contrast to Van's armor, Ray summons Vulcan by repeatedly firing his gun downwards into the ground to trace out a circle around himself, signaling where it will rise from underground encased within a transport. The shell also serves to protect him while shooting his rifle long-range. Vulcan also has an extremely powerful beam howitzer capable of punching through an Original Seven's electromagnetic shields, but it has one major setback; it takes a long time to charge. Ray has also equipped Vulcan with a special energy dissipating cloak which absorbs energy blasts, giving him a huge advantage against other armors using energy weaponry. When not in combat it moves in a large drilling vehicle which can burst up from the ground wherever Ray summons it. It also includes a self-destruct feature which Ray can activate with one of his shoes.

It is later revealed that Vulcan served as an inspiration for the construction of beam weapons on the Original Seven armors (5 of the armors to be exact), since Shino worked with the persons who designed the Original Seven. She did not work with the actual people that built the Original Seven, and the beam weapons were recent upgrades to the armors also.ty