Gun Sword OST2
Gun Sword O.S.T. 2 was a music album released in 2005.[1]


  1. La Speranza
  2. Love Deluxe
  3. The Queen of Missoghi
  4. Shock Came
  5. Muscle Girl
  6. It's Stupid
  7. To See Your Face
  8. My Only Brother
  9. A Rising Tide[acoustic]
  10. Taste of the Future
  11. The Birthday
  12. Hearts Together
  13. Bitter Dream
  14. Knowledge and Strength
  15. Over the Centuries
  16. With All His Spirit
  17. Noble Purge
  18. Crisis of Endless Illusion
  19. Feel It Like All the Universe
  20. Cliff of Death
  21. You Don't Know What You Know
  22. Calling you
  23. Previous Notice


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