Gun Sword OST
Gun Sword O.S.T. was a music album released in 2005.[1]


  1. GUN×SWORD [opening theme]
  2. Endless Illusion
  3. Desert Rose
  4. The Day is Done
  5. Tremendous Blade
  6. Paradiso
  7. Your Bride
  8. Shadow of the Girl
  9. Unknown World
  10. Lost Native Village
  11. Seasonings, please.
  12. Where are You going?
  13. Frozen Arms
  14. Knuckle, Clench, Fist
  15. One Night Stand
  16. 虹の彼方 (Niji no Kanata)
  17. El Dorado V
  18. Battleman
  19. Dann of THURSDAY
  20. He Reduces to memories
  21. Dann Chester Van
  22. Van a.k.a. Daybreak
  23. A Rising Tide [ending theme]


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