El Dorado (エルドラV) is an older Armor piloted by the El Dorado Five. When the series start, they have not used it for many years, but they finally use it when the safety of their hometown is threatened. El Dorado is composed of five separate smaller mechas which combine into one Armor, known as "El Dora Five", though they can combine without the support backpack to create the weaker "El Dora Four". In order for it to activate its most powerful mode, all five must be interlocked. The armor mostly relies on hand-to-hand combat but is also capable of missile attacks and launching powerful special moves. El Dorado depletes its energy fast and therefore does not last long in prolonged battle without Chizuru's "support unit". Later in the series El Dorado is upgraded into the El Dora Soul, gaining power but losing its ability to separate.

In the final showdown, the El Dorado Five helps Priscilla and Brownie take down the incoming One-on-Ones, armors at the Clawed Man's disposal. Near the end, El Dora Soul hurls Dann of Thursday like a javelin towards the Birthday after the shield around it was deactivated, so that Dann could finish off the Birthday.



  • El Dora Five (and by extension El Dora Soul) carries a striking resemblance to GaoGaiGar and Dancouga. Its final attack is a homage of GaoGaiGar's Hell and Heaven attack.

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